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Wednesday, August 30, 2006
Panalo Evah!
Panalo ito!

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Monday, August 28, 2006
I Am... I Choose...
Tagged by Mitzie.

This is simple. Just:
1. Emphasize all lines that apply to you.
2. Tag five more people after you finish, complete with links to their sites.
3. Let the person you've tagged KNOW that they've been tagged, for Pete's sake.

I wish I was a different ethnicity.
I have an eating disorder.
I'm short.
I'm tall.
I think I'm really attractive.
I prefer winter over summer.
I'm a geek.
I'm a shopaholic.
I'm reasonably intelligent.
I'm attracted to girls.
I'm attracted to boys.
I like British accents.

I smoke regularly.
I drink regularly.
I smoke socially.
I drink socially.
I get drunk easily.
I do drugs.
I will never date a bad kisser.
I've lied to avoid kissing them again.
I brush my hair at least 50 times a night.
I'm religious.
I'm not religious but have morals.
I lie frequently.
I'm impulsive.
I'm hardworking
I liked "Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind". (I loved it!)

"She's All That" is one of my favourite movies.
I'm good at History.
I speak more than two languages.
I enjoy taking pictures.
I like spending money on myself.
I like spending money on others.
I have a regular income.

I earn money on a job-by-job basis.
I pay my own bills.
I rely on my parents for money.
I can cook.
I enjoy cleaning.
Tidyness is a must in my life.
I like clutter.
My idea of good music is Britney Spears.
I have heard of Blonde Redhead.
I enjoy Blonde Redhead.
I'm fashion-conscious.
I have good taste. (Sometimes)
People tell me I have good taste. (When I display it)

I excel academically.
I'm told I have yet to fulfill my potential.
I'm good at sports.
I'm good at certain sports.
I couldn't do sports to save my life.
I'm creative.
I'm artistically inclined.
I wanna be an artist when I grow up.

I wanna be an engineer when I grow up.
I eat when I'm upset.
I cannot adapt to change.
I'm interested in politics.
I have shoplifted.
I download MP3s.
I've done underage drinking.
I've gone underage clubbing.
I can dance reasonably well.

I can dance extremely well.
I dance like a cardboard gorilla.
I can sing.
I sing like someone stepped on my foot.
I can swim. (Just basic swimming)
I enjoy surveys.
I enjoy surveys when I'm bored.
I keep a journal.

My teachers don't like me.
I enjoy controversy.
I can be a bitch/bastard. (I stand up for what I believe in and sometimes that's the reason why people are scared of me)
I have a thing for bad boys/girls.
I have tattoos.
I've been in a nudist colony.
I'm not sure if I want to have children.
I'm not sure if I'll get married.
I know who I will marry.
I'm interesting.
I'm a good liar.
People enjoy talking to me.
I annoy people from time to time.
I'm a born leader.

I'm a born leader but shouldn't lead.
I enjoy felching.
I have a foot fetish.
I have a shoe fetish.
I watch "Sex and the City".
I don't think Sarah Jessica Parker is pretty.
I wanna be J.Lo.
I cut myself.
I've cut myself.
I hate people who pretend to be suicidal.
I hate popular people.
I think cheerleading is a sport.
I'm photogenic.

I live in Chucks.
I think graffiti is art.
I have dated a criminal.
I have been cheated on.
I have cheated on someone.
I have a temper. (When provoked.)
I like playgrounds.

I dance in the rain.
I'm obsessed with Shakespeare.
I have tanlines.
My favourite color is pink.
My favourite color is black.
I would classify myself as emo.
I'm musically inclined.
I like listening to music.
I like music-blasting cars.
Thongs are comfortable.
I like flip-flops.
I know what monogamy is... and I believe in it.

I wanna be a social worker when I grow up.
I have sibling/s.
My sibling/s annoy me. (Sometimes)

I think "South Park" is funny.
I believe in LOVE.

Tagging: Aura, Pam, Katz, Mela, Daphne, Vikkicar, Ganns and everyone else who wants to answer it!

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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Oh, Zayra, you drive me so crazy! And I'm so glad you are out of that joke of a band called Supernova. I hope Ryan or Patrice wins the gig. They're the ones I don't like.

The thrill is sort of gone now. I have no Zayra to look forward to every week. Yes. There's still Lukas and Dilana and Storm and Toby. But they're not Zayra. I am just so in love with this chick.


And now, in honor of her departure, I leave you with Zayra's performance of her original composition, Lluvia De Mar.


*Photo from Rockstar Supernova.
*Video from Youtube.

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Friday, August 18, 2006
INXS in Manila
How do I even begin to describe the most amazing concert I've ever been to? I don't think I can but I can try.

There was never a question of me not going to the INXS in Manila concert. I might not like them with the same intensity then but I knew that if they came here, I would be watching, no doubt about it.

Then I started watching videos I got from 448ers and from jason dean fortune bennison encabo fortune bennison and tina paner and friends. And let's not forget everybody's favorite obssession.

That's when I knew that I do want to watch INXS perform live because their performances always seemed so great.

The wait seemed like an eternity especially I had bought our tickets more than a month before the actual concert. Everyday seemed like an eternity.

Finally, D-day.

We met up early, around 4:30pm at Gateway. We had snacks to keep us energized for the show. We had coffee to pass the time (especially since we had a bout 2 hours before the show could even start). We talked excitedly (nervously?) in our seats while waiting for the show to start. We devised plans on how to get great pictures and videos (yes, I snuck in my camera, hehe, as did everyone else) since we were in
Row H, still a couple of feet away from the stage. We were still doing that when the lights went out and The Dawn and Mig Ayesa came out. Oh, and let me tell you, The Dawn, after 20 years, still amazing.

And I was excited to see Mig Ayesa perform but I couldn't concentrate on his set because I was waiting for INXS. Maybe next time when he's not just an opening act.

Finally. Tim, Jon, Andrew, Gary and Kirk comes out of the dark, grabs their instruments and pays the first notes of Suicide Blonde. And then JD Fortune comes out. And was met by loud screams and shrieks from the ladies in the audience.

Omigod. Let me tell you. Whatever apathy I had for JD Fortune before was seemingly replaced by sheer fangirl-ness.

I cannot believe how hot JD Fortune is.

Since we hated our seats, because we were surrounded by Australians, tall Australians, and we were by the aisle, we decided to stay along the aisle. We kept dancing and singing and screaming and everything else we could imagine. Before we knew it, we were already witnessing this amazing concert a couple of inches away from the stage. Wow. Because of that, I was able to get a lot of great set of
pictures and videos of the performances and the band members, especially JD Fortune.

The concert lasted about 2 hours but it still felt so bitin. I was hungry, thirsty, tired but I didn't care. I wanted more! Unfortunately, the band thought differently. After about 15 songs, they bade us goodbye.


Damn! That was great. When we were leaving the concert venue, I overheard this guy tell his friends, "I know I'm being biased but that was a really amazing concert". And I wanted to tell him, "No. You're not being biased because it really is amazing!" But didn't because I was still all shook up from that exhilarating experience. I swear, after that, I am a convert. I do not just like the band, I love them.

Oh, JD, why do you have to torture us with your hotness?

Concert Highlights

1. Filipino director Joyce Bernal behind me shouting, "Hubad! Hubad!" Winner, ever.

2. The really tall security guy infront of me who apparently took the hint when I continuously placed my camera in front of his face to take videos of INXS.

3. The two girls beside me who kept screaming their hearts out, to the amusement of the usher in front of them.

4. Kirk Pengilly right in front of me with his sax.

5. JD Fortune so close we could kiss him.

I want to go to Australia and back to Europe just so the girls and I can watch them again live. Because they are just best experienced live.

That's why the next time they're here, I am watching them live again.

You can view the other INXS concert pictures here.

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Monday, August 14, 2006
INXS na ito!
I tried. I really did. I tried to create a sensible post, full of my thoughts and wisdoms that I want to share with all of you.

But no. Not right now. Not right now. When my mind is full of this...

INXS switches on in Manila tomorrow! And I'm going! Ick!


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Friday, August 11, 2006
Rockstar Supernova Week 6
Rockstar Supernova Week 6

Reality Episode

I swear, Lukas and Dilana are love but Dilana, what was up with that song, girl? Lukas! Haha! If it weren't you, I would have hated what you did. But since it was you and Ryan, I loved it! Haha!

Just have to add though. The rockers suck ass at basketball! The House Band rocks at rocking and at basketball! Yeah!

Performance Episode

I have my favorites and I have my not-so favorites.


1. Lukas Rossi "Creep" - Omigod! His best performance so far! Lukas needed to redeem himself after the disaster that was Celebrity Skin during Week 5. And what a way to do that than with this performance! He rocked the house and earned his first encore! I have nothing but praises for this performance and for him. HE IS LOVE! LUKAS, YOU ARE LOVE!

2. Dilana "Won't Get Fooled Again" - Singing with Gilby Clarke on guitars, she managed to bring herself to the forefront, unmindful of who was playing behind her. I seriously loved it. And I love her.

3. Zayra Alvarez "All The Young Dudes" - I love to watch her perform, with the volume turned way down. With the gold skin and top hat, how can you not love this chick?

4. Toby Rand "Burnin' Down The House" - Toby is hot. Nuff said.


1. Jill Gioia "Mother, Mother" - She doesn't sing. She screams. I used to like her at first but she got tiring fast.

2. Josh Logan "Interstate Love Song" - He may be good but I don't like him.

3. Ryan Star "Paint It Black" - Be gone! Be gone! Please be gone!

Elimination Episode

Lukas rightfully gets the encore with Magni. Both deserve it, IMO. But so does Dilana. Dang.

Jill, Josh and Ryan in the bottom 3! Ryan in the bottom 3! Yihaa! But he gets to stay. :(

Jill and Josh both go though. I can't say I'm gonna miss them because I don't think I will.

The remaining 9 rockers are going to Vegas to Hard Rock Hotel to check out the stage Supernova will be performing at on New Year's Eve. I wonder if Zayra's next outfit will be Vegas-inspired. Hmmm...

I leave you with Lukas Rossi's amazing performance of Creep

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Tuesday, August 08, 2006
Meryl Streep
You are astig, Meryl Streep!

In celebration of her newest movie, The Devil Wears Prada, I would like to talk about the greatness that is Meryl Streep.

I won't talk about when and where she was born, what she did before becoming the great actress that she is, who she's married to, how many kids she has or even her filmography because you can learn all about that at her official website or at IMdB.

Instead, I will talk about how fabulous Meryl Streep is. She will never know about this, of course, because the greats don't like being fawned over. Yes, we're temperamental that way. ;)

Streep may have been acting for decades already but the first time I watched her was back in the '80s, as a little kid. It was She-Devil. Since I was only 9 at that time, I still had no idea who she was. The only familiar person in the movie was Roseanne Barr but only because her show, Roseanne was currently being shown on Philippine TV at that time.

But she left such a huge impact on me. Ever since that movie, I've tried to watch each and every one of her movies. From Death Becomes Her to Postcards From The Edge to Kramer Vs. Kramer to The House Of The Spirits to The Hours to Lemony Snicket's A Series Of Unfortunate Events to Prime. She embodies her characters so much that it's so hard to imagine anyone else playing the part. But at the same time, she detaches herself from the character so that we never remember her for just one character but being all these characters played by one great actress. She's all about the art and the passion and that's what I love about her. Every movie is an experience with her. That is probably why I am looking forward to watching The Devil Wears Prada. In fact, it may be the only thing. I've read the book but it wasn't all that. The rest of the cast do not appeal to me (well except for Stanley Tucci). I wasn't even excited when they announced that the book was being made into a movie.

I would really love to make a movie with Meryl Streep in the lead. Probably a comedy because that woman has perfect comedic timing. I love it! I love her! How can you not love her? She is a great actress and I never want to stop watching her act.

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This is just beyond words.

I hope I never become like this.

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Sunday, August 06, 2006
K.I.T. = Keep In Touch
Do you remember back in grade school and high school? You'll sign your classmates' yearbook or slumbook and you'd always end with a dedication like, "Hope you stay the same, don't ever change, keep in touch"?

I wrote stuff like that endless times to dozens and dozens of people. It seemed so easy to say it that time. Because, at that time, you think, it's easy to keep in touch, especially if you're going to the same school the year after.

But one thing I've learned after graduating from college, it's easy to say something but it's not always easy to do it.

I was talking to a friend of mine a couple of weeks ago. We hadn't seen each other in two years. We've kept in touch once in a while with the ocassional mass email or text message but less of those intimate talks. And we both reached a whole new level of conclusion: that once you've kept in touch, it's so hard to stay in touch.

And that's what I'm really, and I mean really, trying to do now: keeping and staying in touch with my friends. Although it is also hard when they don't keep in touch with you also. But that's a whole different story.

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I Choose
Such a beautiful, beautiful song.

India Arie

Because you never know where life is gonna take you
and you can't change where you've been.
But today, I have the opportunity to choose.

[Verse 1:]
Here am I now looking at 30 and I got so much to say.
I gotta get this off of my chest, I gotta let it go today.
I was always too concerned about what everybody would think.
But I can't live for everybody, I gotta live my life for me.(Yeah)
I pitched a fork in the road of my life and ain't nothing gonna happen unless I decide.

(And I choose) to be the best that I can be.
(I choose) to be authentic in everything I do.
My past don't dictate who I am. I choose. (Yeah)

[Verse 2:]
I done been through some painful things I thought that I would never make it through.
Filled up with shame from the top of my head to the soles of my shoes.
I put myself in so many chaotic circumstances, but by the grace of God I've been given so many second chances.
But today I decided to let it all go. I'm dropping these bags, I'm making room for my joy.

(And I choose) to be the best that I can be.
(I choose) to be authentic in everything I do.
My past don't dictate who I am. I choose.

Because you never know where life is gonna take you and you can't change where you've been.
But today, I have the opportunity to choose. (Hey ey)
I used to have guilt about why things happen they way they did cuz life is gone do what it do.
And everyday, I have the opportunity to choose.

[Verse 3:]
From this day forward I'm going to be exactly who I am.
I don't need to change the way that I live just to get a man. (NO!)
I even had a talk with my mama and I told her the day I'm grown,
"from this day forward, every decision I make will be my own." And hey!

(And I choose) to be the best that I can be.
(I choose) to be courageous in everything I do.
My past don't dictate who I am. I choose.

(And I choose) to be the best that I can be.
(I choose) to be authentic in everything I do.
My past don't dictate who I am. I choose.

Because you never know where life is gonna take you and you can't change where you've been.
But today, I have the opportunity to choose. (Hey ey)
I used to have guilt about why things happen they way they did cuz life is gone do what it do.
And everyday, I have the opportunity to choose.

Source: AZ Lyrics

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