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Monday, July 25, 2005
From Mela:

The last CD I bought:

I think the last CD I bought was the American Idol 4 CD. I'm still waiting for Jason Mraz's new CD to come out. That's my next purchase.

Song playing right now:

I'm in an internet cafe in SM. The song that I can hear clearly is Regine Velasquez' newest jingle for WOW Philippines.

Five songs that I listen to a lot, or that mean a lot to me:

The Blower's Daughter - Damien Rice
Prettiest Thing - Norah Jones
I Don't Know What I Can Save You From - Kings of Convenience
Everything Reminds Me Of Her - Elliott smith
I'll Be - Edwin McCain

Five people to whom I'm passing the baton:

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It's finally over. And she told us that she actually wasn't having any fun anymore. It's over but I'm not looking forward to doing it again.

It's hiring season once again. And with that comes training season again. Lord, I hope I will have the strength once again to be able to train several people again.


How do you know if you've been working too hard? Well, in my case, it's that constant threat of the flu hanging over you. I was so scared last night coz I was so weak and felt so hot (literally) that I feared symptoms of flu may come out.

Thankfully, it didn't.

But now, I'm still waiting for it to come out. Partly so I can get it over and done with. I'm doing too much work, I know, but there's no one else to do it with. You ever feel that way? When someone's not doing their job and you get frustrated because it's not getting done so you take it? That's what's happening with me. Pressure from everyone is on my sister and I.

I've already asked permission for a vacation leave this October. Hopefully, they'll take it. Coz if I don't leave for a vacation soon, I fear the money I'll spend for that will instead be spent inside a hospital.

Let's pray that doesn't happen.


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Tuesday, July 19, 2005
Getting ready to fire someone tomorrow. Shit. I don't know if I can do it. Damn. Damn. Damn.

On a lighter note, I watched American Splendor starring Paul Giamatti a couple of weeks ago. He's come a long way from playing that blue man in Big Fat Liar, ah. Have yet to watch Sideways though.

It's getting colder and colder and colder now. But I'm not complaining. Makes perfect sense to have that big mug of coffee.

I didn't get to watch Pinoy Blonde on the big screen though as I was swamped with work. Still swamped with work though but decided to reward myself with a little shoe shopping!


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Monday, July 11, 2005
Political Thoughts
I've never liked GMA and I do want her gone from her post.

But I want all of that done the right way. People complain that GMA should be removed from office because she broke the law several times. Well, let's not do the same thing. If we remove her from office, let's do it the right way. Otherwise, we're just going to be like her.


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Tuesday, July 05, 2005
A Quite Overdue Post

Let’s be honest. The first reason I had for watching this movie was because Josh Hartnett, one of my ultimate crushes, is in the movie. This was more than a year ago. Lame, I know. But who hasn’t looked forward to watching a movie just because their crush was in it? But then I saw the trailer earlier this year and I was completely astounded. Is this what Sin City really promises itself to be? Is this what I’m really looking forward to with this movie? Well, if it is, and there’s more, then I really can’t wait to watch it!

Well that’s what I did. Literally. I waited. And waited. And waited. I waited, at first, for four months because the distributors promised an April 2005 play date. Fine, I said. I can wait that long. Then I saw the poster in a local newspaper and got excited. Just two more weeks, I said. Then one week before the supposed April play date, the poster disappeared from the newspapers. What’s going on? What happened? Did they cancel? I was going out of my mind! I waited for so long for what? For the movie not to be shown here? To wait for the US-released DVD that’ll cost how much again?

And then, in mid-May, after a month of looking though the entertainment section of the newspaper for the poster to appear, it finally did. Oh wow. Thank goodness. Finally! I kept praying that it’ll finally push through, that the June 1 play date will happen. I mean, I already made special plans to watch it, special plans that’ll have me changing schedules around if it’s cancelled again,

Finally, June 1. D-day. I’m at the cinemas. I’ve bought my tickets. I’ve bought my snacks. I was ready. Then everything went dark and the opening credits came on. I looked around and tried to see everyone’s look on their faces. Were they also as excited as I am? Did they also wait for almost a year and a half for this movie? Did they also read every article there is that came out about Sin City just to keep themselves sane because of the postponed play date? Honestly speaking, I don’t think they were because some of them were too busy whispering something each other or eating. Plus a couple of them even walked out ten minutes into the film! What was that?

But enough about that.

How was the movie, you ask? It was amazing. It was so worth the wait! I was afraid at first because I’d built up the movie in my head for so long that it won’t be able to live up to my expectations. But it did! The actors were great. It was pretty great that the actors in this movie are actors you wouldn’t normally pick for their roles. And I think they knew that and Sin City was a medium for them to be able to explore their limits. Commendable were Rosario Dawson as Gail, the lethal hooker, Bruce Willis as the kind-hearted and sick cop, Nick Stahl as a pervert and child molester and Mickey Rourke as the has-been who tries to do good. I can’t say too much about the story because I’ve never read Sin City but it was all so original. I liked the fact that the stories are all different but still connected to each other.

But what really amazed me was the direction of the whole movie. I’ve never been a fan or Robert Rodriguez. Until now. No, that’s not right. I’m still not a fan, after all, his other claim-to-fame movies were the Spy Kids series. But I have respect for the guy. It’s hard to do an adaptation of a comic book (or in this case, a graphic novel) and make it seem so real. Watching the movie made me feel like I was reading Sin City at the same time. Everything’s there but he still hides it well. Nothing is whatever it seems to be. And the editing was so fluid. They just know when to give you more and when to cut it so you’re begging for more.

It’s just so good! It’s very obvious a fan made this movie because heart and soul was poured into this. I swear, you have to watch this movie at least once. It’s just amazing. We complain about not having enough good movies out there, well this is one good movie. This is one good movie that tries to give something else. It’s a too-real depiction of real life and maybe that’s what we need now.


I was a bit hesitant at first because even though I loved what Christopher Nolan in Memento, I wasn’t quite sure with Insomnia. But at least he was still better than Joel Schumacher. And besides, it’s still Batman. I’m still watching it.

Good decision. Yes, I think so. What did I think of the movie? It was, is, the best Batman movie I have ever seen. It stayed true to the spirit of Batman and didn’t go overboard with the visuals and special effects therefore sacrificing the story.

Story here is simple. It shows the audience how Bruce Wayne became Batman. It was so simple yet told a lot. Trademark Nolan is still there and it fits well with the whole mood of Batman.

Christian Bale was amazing as Bruce Wayne/Batman though. I would never have expected this of him. But I was willing to give him a chance since he was, after all, a good actor.

I remember when the movie was just starting, I kept thinking to myself, this had better be good just because it has to be. After that dreadful Batman and Robin, this just has to be better. And you know what? It really was. Oh thank goodness.

One more amazing thing about the movie: the cool gadgets Batman got to use and THE BATMOBILE! Astig! I want one!

Last year, during the annual Comic Convention in San Diego, a fan asked Christopher Nolan, “How can you guarantee that this movie won’t suck?” Nolan answered, “You’ll see in one year”. I think that fan’s happy now. Because I sure am! This is the best Batman movie ever!


Ignoring the “Tomcat issue” was easy. But ignoring this one isn’t. What business does Tom Cruise have judging Brooke Sheilds for suffering from post-partum depression? And to say that she needed only exercise and vitamins? I’ve never suffered from depression but I do know that it’ll take more than just exercise and vitamins to overcome that. I mean sure, yeah, in the long run, but when you’re at the early stages of depression, can you honestly force yourself to say that this is just depression, I just need exercise and vitamins. Can you honestly say that? Stating your opinions is one thing but to judge someone like that is another thing.

Is this midlife crisis for Tom Cruise or something? What’s happening to him?


Do I forgive GMA? I don’t know. But I do know that if we cannot get through this issue as one country, I fear we will never really recover from all of our problems. Although I’ve never liked GMA, I do not know anyone who can replace her as a better president of the country.

Noli de Castro? Hello? No!

What is happening to this country? We’re so bent on putting down other people that we seem to lose focus on the real problems of our country. Instead of trying to find ways to put other people down, we should instead be finding ways to help each other out. It’s our country. We’re responsible for it, not just one person. Everyone should start helping each other out. Instead of looking for someone to endorse the impeachment complaint against the President. For once, let’s all use our brains for something good.
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