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Saturday, July 31, 2004
Feast of St. Ignatius
July 31 is the feast day of Ateneo's patron saint, St. Ignatius de Loyola. It also marked another win for the Ateneo Blue Eagles and established a clean 5-0 slate. I caught the 2nd half of the game and it was really amazing. They were down 17 points at halftime but rebounded in the 2nd half and with only five minutes in the game, they grabbed the lead at 49-47. Adamson tried to retaliate and reclaimed the lead at 55-53. But the Blue Eagles knew that they owned the game now and, 4.3 seconds left, in a Gec Chia fashion, LA Tenorio quickly made a three-pointer that sealed the game. Ateneo won, 58-55.

What an amazing game! Even though Larry Fonacier wasn't there physically on court, he was there spiritually through the boys. Even though he's not playing, he will not be forgotten. This game, this season is for our captain, our main man, for Larry.

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Thursday, July 29, 2004
1. wallet
2. mobile
3. lip balm
4. rosary
5. tissue
6. lubricant (for the contact lenses)
7. mint candy
8. nailcutter/nail file
9. perfume
10. hand sanitizer

1. TBC
2. BBB
3. Patgiz
4. Den
5. Eileen
6. Ekay
7. Allan
8. Shaps
9. Mel D.

1. chicken
2. thai
3. salpicao
4. coffee
5. bread
6. apples
7. mexican
8. japanese

1. Todo Sobre Mi Madre
2. An American in Paris
3. Lord of the Rings
4. Bayaning Third World
5. Lost in Translation
6. Eat Drink Man Woman
7. Les Couer des Hommes

6 qualities u like in a guy
1. God-fearing
2. loves to dance
3. reader
4. loves to talk (about anything, not himself)
5. tall
6. ambitious

5 QUALITIES u dont like in a guy/girl
1. narcissistic
2. slow (literally and figuratively)
3. hates kids
4. doesn't believe in God
5. has no ambition

1. coffee
2. God
3. family
4. friends

1. books
2. DVDs
3. coffee stuff (beans, mugs, coffee press)

2 PERSONS YOU CAN'T FORGET: (aside from God & family)
1. TBC and BBB
2. Sanggu

1. JOSH HARTNETT hehehe ;D


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Monday, July 26, 2004
PDI Today
Have you read Conrado de Quiros' column today? A pretty good question to ask American government, "Can we trust your word anymore?" US government, don't be hypocrites. Have some integrity.


It's a sad day for Ateneans. Larry Fonacier, our main man, is out for Season 67. He tore both the ACL and MCL of his left knee during ADMU game's against UP last Sunday. So sad. After all, it's his last year to show his MVP skills.

But at least his teammates are stepping up and taking care of the team, as evident in last Sunday's game.
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Favorite CDs
Today's music has become frustrating because of its redundancy. Most musicians give the people something that has been done over and over and over for the past decades. Few musicians have dared to give us something new. And for that they should be recognized.

Vienna Teng
Warm Strangers

Vienna Teng is a San Francisco-based singer/songwriter/pianist who entered the music scene with her first album, Waking Hour, in 2002. Her sophomore album, Warm Strangers, is such a refereshing delight to hear amidst the chaos of today's world. It makes you want to just lie down and listen to her CD over and over and over again. While listening to Passage (Track 10), it makes me want to lie down on the grass and stare up into the sky, with her melodic voice singing this song in the background. The words are different though because it talks about car crashes and death. Another good track is Homecoming, which talks about coming home from a confused life and trying to do something worthwhile. It touched my heart and just made me feel that I'm not alone and it'll be okay.

Warm Strangers is such a welcome and refreshing break from all the pop music that's coming out nowadays. Everything is so relaxing and her voice is so soothing, calming. It just makes you want to stop, close your eyes and just listen. It's better than any Chillout CD.

Belle and Sebastian
Dear Catastrophe Waitress

Another lucky purchase. My sister and I were at Music One, buying some CDs and listening to new ones, hoping to find something good. She picked up the headphones and listened to this CD. I walked around and some time later, she is still there, listening to this CD. She calls me and tells me to listen to it. Bingo! It's Indie Pop at its best. Every tune is so catchy and quite danceable actually. And I do love danceable records. And at least it makes you bob your head along to the tune and just stop and listen to it. Favorite tracks include Step Into My Office, Baby, which reminds me of a funkier David Gray, Piazza, New York Catcher, and Dear Catastrophe Waitress.

Lisa Ono
Bossa Carioca

If you love Brazilian music, then you have got to check this out. It's quite ironic that, although Brazilian, Lisa Ono is actually of Japanese descent. But you wouldn't know because she sings like a true Brazilian artist. I don't understand a single word she's saying but it doesn't really matter. Her music still makes me want to dance all night long. I want to bathe the whole house with her music. I want everyone to stop and hear it. It lulls you to sleep with a smile on your face.


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Imelda the Movie
D: Ramona S. Diaz

I first heard about this docu last January when it was being shown at the Sundance Film Festival last January. Come February, I forgot all about it. When June came around and news about the Cinemanila Film Festival surfaced, Imelda creeped back into the minds of the Pinoys once again. And then Imelda Marcos herself got a Temporary Restraining Order that prevented it from being screened at the Festival last June. Anyway, to make a somewhat long story short, it started its regular run on local cinemas last Wednesday, July 21, and I caught the 3:20p screening just this afternoon.

It's a good documentary. Nothing special about it but it's a refreshing break from the other Pinoy movies that have been coming out. You don't get to watch a Pinoy docu nowadays in local cinemas anymore. But it was a good piece. And I appreciate that Diaz tried to make everything as concise and as accurate as possible. And I have to admire her patience and resourcefulness in getting all the people interviewed and the footages shown in Imelda.

Imelda Marcos herself is such a one-of-a-kind person. No one can live life the way Imelda has lived her life. They've even got a word for it! --> Imeldific - which means excessive/extravagant. She is such a hoot. And she thinks she's so great simply because no one has told her otherwise. Like she has this theory of the 7 Portals of Peace and Order (but is actually 9 Portals) where she starts with a tree and ends with a tree+man+circle+something else+something else+a heart+something else and ends with Peace and Order or something like that. I'm sorry I can't explain it better but I was just so amazed and surprised at how she can come up with this. And there was another point where she said that man has three things to achieve: a healthy body, a literate mind and dignified spirit. And if one is missing, then all you have is a Pacman. Okay.... Imelda is really just an unbelievable individual.

All in all, Imelda will never win a Best Picture award (unless money and politicking and kiss-assing get in the way) because it did tend to run on and on and on without seeming to have a point. And there were times when it bored me and I had to stop myself from getting my cellphone to look at the time. But the effort is there and it is very much appreciated. And I do like the parallelisms that Diaz has presented. I won't say what they are so you'd be forced to watch Imelda but they are good. You have to pay attention, though, to see them.

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Sunday, July 25, 2004
The Notebook
Just watching the trailer of the movie, The Notebook, gets me teary-eyed already. I wonder what'll happen to me when I actually watch the whole movie.

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UAAP Season 67
UAAP Season 67 officially opened last July 10 with ADMU winning its first game against DLSU last July 11. Back when I was still a student at the ADMU (from Season 61 to 64), I watched the UAAP games religiously, not just on TV but live, wherever it was going to be. I was a Blue Eagle and UAAP fan and proud of it. The year I graduated college (2002), I was still a very active fan and developed new friendships because of it. Last year, I became busy and was only watching games live when I can but would always watch it on TV.

The ADMU game this afternoon against UP was their fourth game for the season and my first time to watch an ADMU game on TV. And if I hadn't read the newspaper this morning, I wouldn't have known about it otherwise. I forgot how much I love watching the game live. But I have no time (and money) to watch it live anymore. But at least I can still catch it on TV.

But anyway, we won the game this afternoon. And it was a good game. ADMU played well, despite the absence of two key players, which is good because at least when it comes to "desperate times", ADMU can and will be able to deliver.
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Wednesday, July 21, 2004
Happy Birthday!

Isn't he gorgeous?

And it's his birthday today!
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Monday, July 19, 2004
Virgin Blue by Tracy Chevalier
Virgin Blue by Tracy Chevalier

Having read "Girl With A Pearl Earring" before this (and loving that), I was unconsciously comparing the two while I was reading this book. I tried to stop myself from doing that (comparing two books from the same author) but it's an unconscious act that I find hard to control.

So knowing what I was getting myself into, I read Virgin Blue. And the final verdict? Tracy Chevalier never disappoints. Her writing style is impeccable. It's just so vivid you feel as if everything was happening right before your very eyes. And I appreciate the fact that her novel is well-researched and I learned something new, historically, when I read her books.

The story is good. It's about trying to find your identity, trying to find out who you really are. A topic that all of us can appreciate. It's quite an easy read, an entertaining, educational and enlightening read.

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Thursday, July 15, 2004
Singapore Tales
When I was in Singapore, riding the bus to Orchard Rd, my sis and I almost got into a fight (inside the bus, while all those people were looking at us) all because we didn't understand how the bus fare system was. We paid the exact amount we needed to pay and my sister told me to grab a piece of paper from this electronic thing and when I did, nothing came out. And I started getting uptight about the whole thing and started talking in this somewhat loud voice and asking her about that. I was so scared since I didn't know what was going to happen.

But it wasn't anything. We made a big deal out of nothing. We got out of the bus, unharmed. That was nerve-wracking. Needless to say, we never rode on the bus again and instead stuck to the MRT.

The MRT. Hay naku, the MRT. We looked like misplaced tourists the first time we tried the MRT. We had no idea what to do and we were just standing there trying to figure it out. We stood there for what seemed like forever but was really only about 20 seconds before we figured out what we had to do. By the time we left for Manila, we had conquered Singapore MRT! Haha! Not bad for a bunch of clueless girls. We even rode the MRT on our way to Sentosa Island. One lesson learned from the MRT though: Never ride it during the after-lunch rush hour. The train is just packed! Packed with all those office workers hurrying to go back to work.

But one thing I really loved about Singapore: all the DVD/VCD shopping! I was in movie heaven. All those DVDs that I thought I'd only get from the US were all available there! Yes, I almost ran out of money. And if I didn't stop myself, I would have. Hay. I wish I could go back just so I can hang out at HMV (for the DVDs/VCDs) plus Kinokuniya (for all the books).
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Wednesday, July 07, 2004
Back in Circulation
I'm back from a week of holiday. It was fun but I am glad to be back home. The trip was entertaining but tiring. It's always nice to visit and find out about another culture. It makes me appreciate home a little more.

But like everything else in this world, you gotta take the good with the bad. The train ride to Singapore was torture. 7 hours riding on a really fast, about-to-break-apart train. Thankfully, we arrived in Singapore in one piece.

And going home to Manila wasn't fun either. Philippine Airlines (PAL) still hasn't changed. Instead of leaving at 1p, we left at 5p, due to some "engine trouble". Frustrating? I think so.


We arrived at Malaysia at 9:40p. Thinking we would arrive at the hotel a short time later, we were in for a surprise when we found out that the airport was not in Kuala Lumpur but in Sepang, around 75 km south of Kuala Lumpur. In short, we arrived at the hotel at around 12am. We had a beautiful view from our room though. We were on the 12th floor and we could see a lot of Kuala Lumpur at night, including Petronas Towers and KL Tower.

I like Kuala Lumpur. It's simple and quiet. But I have a problem with the people though. Some of the ones I encountered were not very friendly. They were accommodating, yes, but don't expect a smile from them.

It was hot, as I know it would be. After all, it was still Southeast Asia. But it was still pretty different. It was interesting to see modern architecture alongside Malaysian architecture.

It would be fun to go back and explore some more of the country though.


We arrived at Singapore at around 10p and was disappointed some more when we found out we weren't going to be picked up because of some miscommunication problems. So we took a cab to the hotel. But the day's frustration doesn't end there. We arrived in our rooms an hour later and was greeted by a "not-so-nice" room. I just wanted to cry right there and then and was on the verge of changing hotels. But I calmed down and stayed at the same hotel because it had a good location.

Anyway, I had a nice time at Singapore and I was able to see it for the first time and you know what? I was so keen on trying to live in Singapore but I don't want to anymore. It seems like it is too quiet and too organized. I mean, the President did a good job, organizing the whole city. But like my friend said, who's living there now, the people aren't very spontaneous. I mean, they are friendly but it seems like everyone's in too much of a hurry to get where they're going to. I like Singapore because it's an international art hub. But maybe I'll just go there for a visit from time to time.

You can view the pictures here.

Oh and I got to eat some chicken rice (at a food place at Beach Road, the food court of Raffles City and the airport). It took us two days to look for a place but it was worth the hassle. Yum yum!
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Saturday, July 03, 2004
Im in Singapore now, arrived yesterday from Kuala
Lumpur. This trip could be a good example for Worst
Case Scenario. AND I still havent eaten chicken rice
and chili crab! But no worries, theres still tomorrow. ü


Do you Yahoo!?
New and Improved Yahoo! Mail - 100MB free storage!
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