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Tuesday, August 26, 2008
I have finally arrived in San Francisco.

It's been one hell of a start. It kicked off with a delayed flight that eventually led to a canceled flight because of the storm.  When I got here, I got sick because of the cold weather and have not actually recovered from that. 

But still, I'm here! School starts in about two weeks and I am still getting ready. I still have to buy a lot of stuff for the dorm. I still have to get my IDs and get my bank accounts and cellphone plans set up. 

But it's alright. Because I'm here! I'm finally here!


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Tuesday, August 05, 2008
The Dark Knight
Finally caught The Dark Knight last week, a week after its release, and it was so worth it! Chris Nolan and his team did not disappoint.Where shall I start?

The Good:

1. Chris Nolan definitely captures the troubled persona of Batman and Bruce Wayne. The great thing about Nolan as a filmmaker is that he doesn't just give it to you, he gives it his all. With the title of The Dark Knight, you'd expect the movie to be scarier and that the Dark Knight referred to Batman having his dark moments and giving in to the taunts. But it could also have referred to Harvey Dent being the White Knight or even the whole mood of the movie, which never became bright, only grim and dark.

2. The absence of Katie Holmes. I still think the character of Rachel Dawes was unnecessary but Maggie Gyllenhaal definitely gave it her best and if she had played the original Rachel Dawes, I would have had a different opinion about the character. Probably.

3. Detective Gordon and his sneaky ways. He's a very sneaky, sneaky man. That's why he became Commissioner Gordon. I love Gary Oldman.
4. Heath Ledger rocks as The Joker. He simply rocks. We never see his face because of all the make-up but the mere sound of his voice sends shivers down my spine and not in a good way. It's so much different from Jack Nicholson's Joker but so good. It's not better because those are two different portrayals but it was an awesome performance. It was simply wow.
5. Aaron Eckhart as Harvey Dent. I love Aaron Eckhart! I love what he did for Harvey Dent. Everyone was so focused on Heath Ledger and his portrayal of the Joker that people forgot about Aaron Eckhart as Harvey Dent. 
The Bad:
1. The disappearance of Wayne Manor, which is only obvious since it burned down in Batman Begins. I just miss it. Hehe.

2. The Wayne Enterprises employee who wanted to reveal the identity of Batman. It was kind of unnecessary but relevant in a way. I think it would have worked better if it wasn't done so half-heartedly.

3. The brief appearance of Cillian Murphy. Well, Scarecrow was defeated in Batman Begins so it was highly unlikely that he would appear in The Dark Knight. Oh well, at least I saw him even for just a bit.


I loved it! I loved the entire movie! I wanna watch it again and again and again! But I won't because ticket prices are obscenely high now. If you haven't watched it yet, I suggest you run to the movie theater and watch it ASAP! Because I promise you, you will never get bored and you will enjoy yourself. So go now!

Have you watched The Dark Knight? What did you think of the movie? Did you enjoy watching it? Did you hate it? Let's discuss via the comments section.

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Moving is hard isn't it? Have you experienced moving homes? I've done it before but it was moving to two different cities so if I forget something, it's so easy to go back and get it again.

But this time around, I'm moving to a different country altogether. If I forget something, well, it's hard to go back and get it.

I know everything will turn out fine in the end. And I can't wait for that time to come!

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