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Wednesday, June 11, 2003
I just finished watching the first hour of the 2-hour show finale of Dawson’s Creek and omigoodness. It just reminded me why I watched and loved the show.

I loved the show because it was mainly about friends. That’s why I continued watching it over the years. My interest started to wane when they (the show’s producers) decided to concentrate on their romantic relationships. Anyway, this episode was just as it should be: about the five of them and their friendship. My friends are very important to me and the reason I loved this show was because it seemed that they were important to each other and they always showed the good times AND the bad times of friendship. But most importantly it showed how real and true friends really are. I’m lucky that I found my true friends in high school. I’ve been with so many highs and lows with them that it’s hard to imagine my future without them in it. Right now, I haven’t been with them in more than three years since we’ve all been busy with our studies and jobs. We’ve been planning so many reunions but almost none of them have pushed through because of conflict in schedules. I know we should have tried harder but at least we’re still together. Oh and did I mention that there were 14 of us in high school? And in college, we “adopted” 2 more friends? So we’re 16 in all. Kaya can you imagine how hard it is for us to get in touch with everyone?

Anyway, this particular episode made me think about my friends much more. If I found out suddenly that one of them was dying of an illness and there was nothing I could do about it, I’d be really helpless. My friends consider the “mother” of the group because I’m always taking care of them, making sure they’ve eaten or if they’ve had enough cuts from their classes or if they need to have a reality check. And the fact that I won’t be able to do anything about it frustrates me. I just hope I’ll never get to experience this until we’re supposed to, like around 50 years from now.

Whenever I feel down or feel contemplative, I try to read some books I have reserved for that. One of these books is called You Can Make Your Life Beautiful by Bo Sanchez. One of his essays is called Nurture Your Secret Life. In this essay, he wrote that when he entered celibate brotherhood, one brother assigned him a chore: toilet cleaning. He was a bit squeamish at first because he never did that before. But soon, he grew to “love” the chore and cleaned the toilet for a whole year. His day wouldn’t be complete if he didn’t clean the toilet. This became his secret life. His public life was preaching in big rallies, where people wanted to get his autograph and shake his hand. If they only knew where that hand was earlier that morning. That secret life kept him in place and pride away from his heart. He said, “It’s easy to be a disciple in front of an applauding crowd. But when no one’s looking – are you still a disciple?”

I’ve been thinking about this for several hours already and I still have not come up with an answer. What is my secret life? In fact, what is my public life? Wait! I know! What is it? Well if I told you it wouldn’t be a secret anymore now, would it?

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