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Thursday, May 22, 2003
Sometimes, my sister gets me so infuriated. I called her up on the mobile because she texted me about her photo reprints that she needed for her TIN. Well I told her that I've been busy and wasn't able to do it but that I'll try to do it tomorrow. And then she said that I have to give it to her accountant by tomorrow. But I told her I can't do that because my dad and mom were going to be out the whole day and I need a driver to go to her accountant's place, since I wasn't very familiar with it. She got all, What?! Then she goes on to complain that they need her photo because it's already Friday tomorrow. I told her I can have it sent on Saturday but the office was closed on Saturdays. And I told her that I can't give it tomorrow. And she was like well why didn't you bring it there earlier this week? And I'm like well I had to take care of other things. And she had the nerve to get angry at me! Stupid girl.

Anyway, on to something BETTER.

You're... Fez!
When your friend said he "hates being in the
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I was able to catch snippets of Game 2 of the Spurs-Mavericks game this morning. Spurs won, 119-106, I think, making them 1-1 in the NBA Western Conference Finals. Hope the Spurs win it!

Found out a couple of days ago that Patty Laurel and Johann Ekedum won the MTV VJ Hunt 2003. Not my first choice, though. But I do hope they do a good job. Hope better than the, um, VJs they got from the VJ Hunt last year. Now that was unforgettable. Really should be forgotten.

The new MTV VJs

Anyway, I had the weirdest dream last night. I was with my two cousins and we were talking about getting some eggs or something like that. Well my cousin told me that she knew a place where we can get it really cheap. I was amazed at the price apparently so we went there to check it out. When we got there, it turned out to be a farm near a beach. We were met by someone from inside (I can't remember if it was a man or a woman just that they were old) and they let us in. Inside, we ran into my brother, who turned out to be working there under pretense. We called him and he seemed "not surprised" to see us there. We talked to him about something I can't remember but he cut it short because he had to go. Right then, my cousin tapped me and said that the path from which we came was starting to melt. And when I did look, she was right, it was melting. At this point, I was curious but did not pursue the subject. I started to look around the farm and noticed the other guests (which came out from nowhere) were getting a little panicky because, apparently, the same land we were stepping on was starting to melt and creating a 'lake" of some sort. Well, I was getting panicky here because we were running out of "walking space". We didn't know what to do and there was no one there who could help us. Suddenly we were "transported" to a red bed surrounded by that flowing melted path and it was flowing pretty fast. And the bed was flailing madly as if it wanted to throw us into that lake of melted land. Then this old woman appeared at the side of the bed, stretching her old, wrinkled hands to us as if wanting to strangle us or throw us into that lake. But we stood up tall (well tried to anyway) and rejected her. Instead, we held hands, closed our eyes and started praying the rosary in a loud, thunderous voice that seemed to drown out all the sounds the bed, the old woman and the lake were making. And then suddenly, everything was deathly still. The bed was calm, the old woman was gone and the lake was replaced by solid land once again. Creepy. But when we were on that bed, I realized that all of that may have been the work of the devil so I quickly turned to the only solution to defeat the devil: God. I also realize how powerful the prayer is. It can defeat the ruler of evil. Just shows how powerful God really is. But you know what I realized? That I¡¦m really turning out to be the Catholic person that God wants me to be. I'm so happy! I hope I can make Him more proud of me.

Last Tuesday, I was able to have my feet scrubbed and nails (hands and feet) cleaned. Oh, I¡¦ve waited for that opportunity for months. I've never had the time and now my feet are thanking me. I feel so smooth and it makes just want to go out and celebrate.

Last Wednesday was my cousin¡¦s wedding. At last, it's finished. They¡¦ve been obsessing over it for so long and have been tearing their hair out that I'm glad it's over. At least, pressure's off. For now. Now they gotta worry about raising their kid, who's already 8 or 9 months old.

Went to Greenhills today with my mom and got two new necklaces and a bracelet! Heehee. Wanna go out so I can wear them already.

This week's Thursday Three:

1. Describe yourself in three words. Ironic because I never operate in the middle. A leader because I always know what to do. Frustrated because I can never be a singer. *sniff sniff*
2. Which person do you know that is most like you and why? Hahaha! I think my two nephews (aged 4 and 1). Whenever I tell my mom that my nephews are getting too "negative", she just says "well they got it from you".
3. What kind of person are you? I'm a person who loves God and who loves people and tries to see the good in them. But I'm also a person who knows what she wants and how to get it and she won't let anyone stop her from doing so, in a not-so-unfriendly way.
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