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Tuesday, November 02, 2004
a survey
Got this from Joey:

[Shampoo and Conditioner]: I use Pantene conditioner and Rejoice, Lux and Head and Shoulders shampoo.
[Bags]: No favorites. I buy whatever catches my eye. I'm partial to SM bags though because they're really cheap. ;)
[T-shirts]: As long as it looks good and I have the money, I'll buy it. But I find myself having more T-shirts from Marks and Spencer.
[Pants]: I buy my dressy pants at Marks and Spencer. I love the jeans at Replay and Lee.
[Lotion]: I use Johnson and Johnson and The Body Shop.
[Shoes]: I love Nine West and B Club shoes.
[Facial cleanser]: I love St. Ives!
[Make-up]: I use M.A.C., Fashion 21, in2it and Clinique.
[Wallet]: My mom has all these never-been-used wallets in her closet and I just got one from there. It's a long, red one she bought in Italy.
[Pens]: I use Zebra pens.
[Cellphone]: I'm currently using a Nokia 7250.
[Underwear]: I buy whatever catches my fancy. That's Topshop most of the time.
[Watch]: I don't wear a watch. But my sister bought me a Rolex watch when she went to Switzerland three years ago and that's the only watch I wear when I do wear a watch.
[Pillow Case/Bed sheet]: I use whatever's here.
[Furniture]: I'm partial to chairs. I love chairs. I've got nowhere to place them here at home, though.
[Caps]: I wear caps but only when the mood strikes.
[Magazines]: I read EW and YES! Magazine.
[Books]: I am a regular customer of Powerbooks and Fully Booked. I love to read. Favorite authors include Jhumpa Lahiri, Tracy Chevalier, Jane Green, Marian Keyes, Nick Hornby and many, many more. Right now, I'm collecting the No. 1 Ladies' Private Detective Agency series and the A Series of Unfortunate Events series.
[Chocolate]: I love belgian chocolate!
[Candy]: Candy's good but I love chocolate better.
[Medicine]: I drink Vitamin C everyday.
[Popcorn]: I love cheese popcorn!
[Cologne/Perfume]: I use this cologne I bought in Grasse, France. The scent I'm using right now is called Eau Fantasque. But I love the scents of Cool Water and cK one and cK be.
[Swimwear]: I use Speedo. So worth it!
[Jewelry]: I only put on earrings and bracelets.
[Sunglasses]: I use i2i shades.
[Computer]: George is a desktop PC, Pentium 4, 2.26 GHz, 256 MB of RAM, 40 GB Hard drive. I need more hard drive space. No scratch that. I want a Powerbook!
[Drink (Alcoholic)]: Give me my beer!
[Drink (Non-alcoholic)]: Coffee and water.
[Soap]: Safeguard
[Automobile]: If I had the money, I'd buy a Jaguar. But I don't have it so...
[Fuel/Gasoline]: The car uses diesel. Good thing coz it's cheaper.
[Restaurant]: Little Asia for the sweet and sour pork, Piadina for the pasta, Bubba Gump for the shrimp, Max's for the chicken, Longrain for the white chicken and Zaifu and UCC for the curry.
[Dessert]: Bizu desserts!
[Coffee]: Mocha Blends! Hehe.
[Printer]: I use HP Deskjet 720C.


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