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Monday, May 12, 2003
Yesterday was the house blessing of my brother’s new house. It went well considering that it was raining for most of yesterday morning. Good thing it stopped raining around 2p and we could still get on with the blessing. It was a good event, though. A lot of the people they didn’t expect to come and came and there were still enough food and space for everybody. But when everybody finally left at around 8:30pm, we got to see the remains of the house. There was mud everywhere, droppings of candlewax on the floor, candles on the table and the master’s bedroom was chaotic. Gosh.

Went to the gym for the first time in two weeks this morning. I didn’t realize how I missed going to the gym when I went today. And to think I almost hesistated when I woke up this morning. Too bad the steam room was closed. Wasn’t able to indulge in my favorite activity.

Just finished watching Survivor: The Amazon Reunion a couple of hours ago and I was so disappointed. Out of the 16 castaways, Jenna Morasca, the swimsuit model won. Argh! I so wanted Rob to win. In my opinion, he was one of the smartest and best players in Survivor. But tough luck because Jenna won the last two immunity challenges. Oh well.

And the jury. The jury was almost at the same level with the jury at Survivor: Thailand (the worst season). I mean, it was already obvious when they were asking their questions that they’ve already decided who they were voting for and that they were sore losers. How? Let’s see. Deena’s question (or was it whining?) was about Matt’s statement a couple of Tribal Councils ago. He said “May the best man win” when Jeff asked about his alliance with Rob and Butch. Apparently, Deena thought it was offensive and chauvinistic. Oh Deena, if you only listened when Matt said that…

Christy’s question was about Jenna’s statement that her beauty is her handicap. Now I like Christy and I don’t like Jenna but c’mon. There must be a better question that.

Heidi’s part was the funniest. She asked them if was someone else from the jury who deserved to be in their position. Both of them answered Rob. And Heidi was like, yeah but is there ANYONE ELSE? And Jeff was like, Uh I think they answered your question already. Geez. Can you be any more obvious?

And Dave’s question was the most – strange. Which modern leader? Yeah. It was like saying that modern leaders lie, cheat, backstab and deceive people to work their way to the top. Oh wait, that’s right. Most of them do.

I hated their answers to Alex’s question though. He asked them if they have regrets. And they both said they did. Now wait a minute. Why would you? At least Colby from Survivor: The Australian Outback was decent (and honest enough?) to say that he had any regrets. I mean, if you played the game well and you know you played the game well, why would you have regrets? Unless, you didn’t. Hmmm….

Anyway, I still think Rob should have won. This guy agrees with me. He was one of the few best players in the Survivor game.

You know what? This has been the fourth time that my bets have not won. In Australia, I rooted for Colby and Tina won. In Africa, I didn’t have any bets. In Marquesas, I rooted for Kathy but Vecepia won. In Thailand, I rooted for Helen, but Brian won. Oh well.

The reunion wasn’t so much fun either, but at least it was better than S5. Rob kept grinning like a weirdo. His smile was so big, it was creepy. I liked Deena’s answers though. Very honest and upfront. Not like the others, who were kind of plastic. It makes you think that no matter how advanced our society and world is, people still find it easy to cheat everyone and treat them badly, like they deserve it (which no one deserves). Peggy Keller said it well.

By the way, are Jenna and Matt an item? Hmmm...

Anyway, Survivor 7 will be at the Pearl Islands of Panama. Nice place. They showed it during the Reunion special and it looks good. This time, the two tribes will be placed in two different islands and the challenges will be in another island. Looks like fun. Hope the new batch of Survivors will have personalities so we can watch a good show. It's scheduled for this fall, probably around September. Can't wait to watch that!

Speaking of reality shows, The Amazing Race 4 will premiere this May 29. I've seen the contestants but I really can't make a judgment until I've seen them in action, you know. I mean that's what happened with Survivor: The Amazon. My first bets were Heidi and Daniel. This was before watching the show. And it turns out Daniel was a dud and Heidi was *not good*. That's in two weeks. Can't wait!
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