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Friday, May 02, 2003
I just want to clarify some stuff. I'm not complaining against the MTV VJ finalists. I'm complaining about the process of elimination the MTV people did. I'm sure they're all qualified. They wouldn't have reached the finals if they weren't. But sana they got some unknown people as finalists also. There are a lot of "unknowns" who are very articulate and can do a good, even a great, job.

Went to Megamall this morning to buy stuff for Boracay and omigoodness! It was the start of the 3-day sale today so there were so many people but it was fun coz everything was discounted so in effect, we saved some money. Went to Astrovision and they already had the DVD of My Big Fat Greek Wedding for only P595! And they have the DVD of Roman Holiday already for only P750! Will buy it when I get back from Bora.

Speaking of, I'm leaving for Boracay tomorrow! Yey for me! I'm going with my cousins this time. I'm the only one in my family who is going so I have to budget my money. Still have to buy pasalubong for them, especially my sister who's celebrating her birthday in 10 days! Still have to buy her gift. Buti na lang she just wants sandals from Bora.

I'm not quoting a book today for my daily reflections but instead I'll be quoting from a story I heard and read. My cousin was here yesterday and we were talking about theft inside public transportation. Then somehow our conversation shifted to stalking thieves. My cousin told us this story. There was a girl (in her 20s I think) who was wallking home when she noticed a burly guy following her. This was already at night so it was dark and there were few people in the street. She got scared and started praying to God to take care of her. Shortly after that, she saw the burly guy walking fast and past her. A bit confused and relieved, she went home. A couple of days after that, she found that that same guy robbed a lot of other people and was eventually caught by the police. Curious, she went down to the police station and she asked the robber why he didn't rob her that night she was walking alone. He replied that he abandoned his original plan when he saw that there were two big guys walking with her. She was confused and told him that there was no one with her. He insisted that there were 2 big guys who were with her that night and didn't want to take any chances with them.

I also received an email from my cousin about a priest's homily. He was helping out in a small village in Africa. Well, he had to go the town proper to get materials for the village, i.e., medicine, supplies, food, etc. It was two-day trip so he was forced to spend the night somewhere. When he got to the town, he noticed two men fighting and one man was injured. He treated the injured man and went on his way back to the village. The next time he went back to town, he ran into the same injured man again. And you know what the injured man told him? That night, sometime ago, that he spent the night in the desert back to the village, him and a couple of guys followed him, and were supposed to rob him and beat him up. But what they saw that night stopped them. They saw that the priest wasn't alone. They saw him with 26 other big guys. Scared, they went back to the town. Suddenly, a middle-aged man stood up and interrupted him. He asked the priest what day that happened. The priest answered and asked the man why it was important. The middle-aged man told the priest that that same day, as he was playing golf, he felt the urge to pray for him (the priest). So he invited some of the people from their church to pray with him. This happened during the same day that the priest was almost in danger of getting mugged by some locals.

This just goes to show how stong the power of prayer is. This just goes to show how, if you ask for His help, God will protect you in your time of need. I remember those times that really scared me. I prayed to Him to protect me until the time I am safe at home once again. And He did. I remember going home in a taxi at night. I've heard lots of really scary stories about passengers of taxi cabs getting raped, robbed or killed so I prayed to God to keep me safe until I get home or I get to where I'm going. Thankfully, I've ridden lots of taxi rides and I've never been in any kind of danger, unless you count the way my heart kept beating so fast during those times. That's why I love Him so much. Because He's there for me especially when I need Him. He's better than a bodyguard because He's there all the time, even if you think you don't need Him. Sometimes, I'm just surprised when people still get shocked by His power. Like when my cousin, my sister and I were talking about the incident with the lady (mentioned above), I got surprised when they were actually surprised and bewildered about the fact that two bodyguards appeared. It was almost like they could not believe that actually happened. I was surprised because even back then when I was a non-believer, a nom-practicing Catholic and had doubts about the religion, I always knew that if you asked Him for help, He would give you the protection you needed. And they reacted like what happened was unbelievable. I'm sorry if I come off as judgmental but sometimes I thought that people (I'm talking of believing, non-believing and lost Catholics) knew about His greatness and the amazing aspects of His power, that this shouldn't come as a surprise. I mean, whenever I hear a story like that, it just reminds me of God's greatness and love for His people. I guess I'm just reacting this way because it was my sister's reaction. She's also a Catholic but still a lost one and I want her to be able to experience the kind of happiness I felt when I rediscovered God.
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