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Thursday, July 13, 2006
All About Movies

1. X-Men 3: The Last Stand

3 years have passed since the last X-Men movie. And I've waited for 3 years for the next X-Men movie to be shown on the big screen. Then I found out
Bryan Singer was not returning to direct the third movie and is, instead, focusing on bringing back Superman. Then I heard news that Halle Berry was the only one coming back for the third movie.

Fortunately, the whole cast is back and even brought in my favorite X-Man, Henry McCoy, a.k.a. Hank McCoy, a.k.a. Beast. The only thing that stands in between not good and amazing is the new director, Brett Ratner, of the only-good-for-laughs Rush Hour 1 and 2 (where Jeremy Piven plays a blonde, gay fashion consultant, I just had to sneak that one in).


Unfortunately, things didn't go as well as planned. I hated the way the story progressed. I hated the way they developed the storyline. I hated the way they turned Logan into this weeping romantic still in love with Jean Grey. I hated the way they killed Professor X. I hated the way they kept every other character hanging. I hated the priorities they gave the others' characters.

In short, I hated what Brett Rattner did to the movie.

But I still "love" it because it's X-Men but I probably will not watch it a second time. It's that bad.

*sniff sniff*

Why did you have to leave, Bryan Singer?!

2. Lucky Number Slevin

This movie is so in love with itself. It oozes so much confidence in itself that it comes off as pompous and arrogant. And it is a movie that is very pleased with itself even when results aren't even that great. I love the cast (Morgan Freeman, Ben Kingsley, Stanley Tucci, Bruce Willis, even Josh Hartnett coz he's my crush). But c'mon, don't shove it in our faces that you're trying to do a good and original movie coz it's not.

3. Nanny McPhee

"Nanny McPhee, we need you!" I love this movie! It's all so cute and colorful and just plain wonderful! I love it! It's a typical kids movie but such a great stress reliever. Watch it! Watch it!

4. Little Manhattan

This is one of the sweetest and cutest movies about puppy love that I've seen since Diane Lane's A Little Romance. Love at its finest because it's so pure and innocent. Still painful though. Imagine falling in love and getting rejected at the age of 11. Ouch!

5 Things I Love About Superman Returns
1. Superkid

There's a Superkid! And he killed a guy by pushing a grand piano to crush the guy! Awesome!

2. Parker Posey and 3. Kal Penn

I love them! No matter what they do, no matter how insignificant their roles can be, I will always love them!

4. Bryan Singer

Why couldn't you have done both X3 and Superman Returns? This movie had focus, X3 didn't. Why? Why? Why?

5. Superman Returns

I love the fact that they focused the story on Superman and not the life in Metropolis now that Superman has returned. I love it!

4 Things I Don't Like About Superman Returns
1. Kate Bosworth

So many people have already said it. It's hard to imagine Kate Bosworth as a veteran, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist. This isn't Kate Bosworth playing Lois Lane. This is Kate Bosworth trying to act. Because let's face it, Kate Bosworth is not the world's best actress. Even Teri Hatcher pulled off a better Lois Lane than Bosworth ever will.

2. Kevin Spacey

As with Kevin Spacey. He is not Kevin Spacey playing Lex Luthor. The whole time I was watching him on the big screen, I kept seeing Kevin Spacey and not Lex Luthor.



That shouldn't be happening! Because he's Kevin Spacey! No!

3. Brandon Routh

Yes. He does resemble Christopher Reeve, the original Superman. But boy! Routh cannot act! He may be able to act as Clark Kent, the fumbling, nervous, geeky reporter but he does not have the confidence and charisma of Superman!

4. Superman Returns

Story was soooo thin. It was so obvious that the producers are just riding on the popularity of comic book movies today. Gah!

Upcoming Movies

I am excited for these upcoming movies.

The Namesake

This is one of my favorite books by own of my favorite authors, Jhumpa Lahiri. I didn't even know it was being made in to a movie. And starring Kal Penn! Yeah!

The Last Kiss

I wasn't interested at first but when I found out Rachel Bilson was gonna be in it, I watched the trailer. Nothing new. But I'm not watching it for the story. I'm watching it for Rachel Bilson!

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posted by Jax @ 12:57:00 AM  
  • At 1:54 PM, Blogger Pammu said…

    I thought the whole thing was cool. I agree with you on the superkid bit...that piano scene was so brilliant.

    Lex in this movie was perfect, I so thought, except that Kitty is either a) unbelievably stupid like you have no idea or b) pretending to be stupid. (did you see the way she looked at Prometheus on Luthor's yacht?)

    I hated Lane's character. Period. Like everything has to be all about HER.

  • At 1:32 AM, Blogger Jax said…

    haha! well, you can't blame lois lane. after all, she is THE star reporter for daily planet. but still.

    yeah i hated the fact that posey was portraying a "damsel in distress". but i still love her.

    ang sad lang is that people who don't know her before movies like this will brand her as overrated when she is the most underrated hollywood actress out there right now.

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