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Sunday, November 09, 2003
What a Glorious Day!
Have you ever had the day when everything just seemed to go so right? When everything just seemed to fall into place perfectly? When you feel like nothing will and can go wrong, even if a lot of things actually did? When you feel on top of a mountain, on the top of the world?

I have.

I had that day.

November 8 started like any other day. Having slept late the night before, I woke up at 9am to the sound of my alarm clock. Reluctant to get up, I turned on the TV to wake myself up. Muttering that famous line ("5 minutes pa!"), I forced myself to get off the bed and take a shower. 45 minutes later (about 2/3 of which was spent in front of the closet deciding what to wear yet again), I was dressed and ready to go to find out that my mom was nowhere to be found. We were on our way to celebrate my maternal grandmother's, my Lola's, 80th birthday and my mom was missing. Turns out she went to her tailor to pick up the clothes she was supposed to wear for that day. Finally got to leave around 45 minutes to an hour since I got dressed.

Anyway, we got to Kamay Kainan around 20 minutes later and was greeted by their sumptuous buffet. Wow. I must have gained at least 5 lbs yesterday during lunch! There was sinigang na baboy, tinolang manok, seafood na may gata, inihaw na hito, daing, adobong baboy & manok, talaba, sinigang na hipon, gambas, crispy shrimps, the works, I tell ya! They even had three kinds of rice: plain, garlic and fried! And all that and more for only P195 ($3.55). Plus they had dirty ice cream for dessert! Wow. If you want buffet with good food, go to Kamay Kainan, Kalayaan Ave, QC. Good food for a cheap price.

Afterwards, we (the whole clan) went to my Lola's house, just a few minutes away from Kamay Kainan for the merienda celebration of my Lola's birthday. There were cakes, macaroni, salads, kutsinta, pinipig, BBQ and pancit, of course. Why do Filipinos love to eat so much? Geez. My mom and my aunties keep telling me to lose weight and yet they feed me with all these food! I'm not complaining too much about the food since they are delicious. But (to my aunts): please make up your mind already!

At around 5pm, I left with my older sister and my younger cousin to go to the Powerplant Mall at Rockwell Center and to catch Alice Peacock in person at her autograph signing at O Music/Video. Omigod. She was so beautiful. And so nice! We talked (my sister told me later that we talked for a long time) and laughed and I felt all giddy afterwards. Wow. I still can't believe I got to see her in person!

Click here, here and here for Alice Peacock pix and memorabilia.

After the Powerplant stint, we trooped over to Greenbelt 3 and met up with my older brother and two younger cousins to catch the promo concert of Maksim at the Greenbelt 3 Park. It was packed with so many people and it was so hot and humid last night that standing close to so many made it even more humid. We were so sticky! And all I wanted was to take a long, luxurious bath.

The concert started at around 7:40p and wow. Everyone was shouting when Maksim went onstage. He was astounding, excellent, amazing, brilliant, fantastic and all other similar words. I wish I had a video camera so I could have caught his live performance on tape and watch it over and over again. He was simply breathtaking and that was the shortest 40 or 50 minutes ever. Plus Maksim was so guwapo (goodlooking)! My sister had to stop me coz I kept taking so many pictures of him and it was still the first piece!

Click here and here for Maksim GB3 concert photos.

I was standing about 15 feet away from him and I only had 6x zoom in my digital camera so I couldn't really get a better picture of him. But I am so glad I went there. He was amazing! Amazing, I tell ya!

I went to Music One afterwards with my cousins coz I wanted to buy a CD but I begged off coz the line at the cashier was long. Around 15 people long. Most of them buying Maksim CDs. Hehe.

We had a late dinner at Recipes by Cafe Metro where, after telling ourselves we weren't hungry, indulged in rice meals. Hehe. (I thought we weren't hungry?) Surprise. Surprise. When the bill came, my older brother surprised us all by paying for it. Wow. He never treats us out for dinner, lunch, even coffee!

My other cousin made a late appearance after dinner and we trooped on over to Bizu (my favorite!) for some dessert. All of us were stuffed! We had cakes of different kinds, coffee, tea and my cousin ordered some potatoes and meat (to get rid of the too-sweet taste in our mouths).

Remember I said everything seemed to fall into place perfectly? Well, turns out my sister, my cousins and I didn't have to worry about expenses because my cousin paid for dessert!

How lucky are we?

Went to Mass this morning to thank God for that wonderful day yesterday. Because it really was. I don't know if this will happen again. Since my older brother and my cousin, the same people who paid for our food last night, are cheapskates and (I don't know what came over them) who knows if they'll do this again. But I'm glad and thankful they did. And it's not everyday that my favorite foreign musicians come to Manila. I'm glad I was able to see both of them last night. I'm marking down November 8, 2003 in my history as one of the most unbelievable days ever!


I'm sorry but I still can't get over the fact that I saw Alice Peacock and Maksim in person.

*insert scream here*
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