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Thursday, September 25, 2003
australia and some grips
I was watching City Cabs over at the Discovery Travel and Adventure channela few hours ago. The host will tour a city through the eyes of a local cab driver. I like this show. Cab drivers often give us a peek of what the city really is instead of just showing the usual tourist attractions.

Anyway, that's not my point.

My point is that I should start learning more about different cities. I should learn more than were the best shopping places are. (Yes, it's true. I tend to focus more on the shopping side of a city.) That's why I will start posting some of the facts I will start reading about different cities all over the world.

First City: Canberra in Australia

Canberra, the capital city of Australia, is home to around 313000 people. Most people are employed by the government but more and more people are now working for the private sector.

You can see wild kangaroos around a minute or two from the city centre and within twenty minutes, you can watch shearers at work.

Because Canberra has now become a multicultural city, owing to the number of immigrants living here, there are a variety of cuisines being offered in the city. But if you had to define a "typically Australian" food, it would be "Pacific Fusion Cuisine". They fuse Australia's fresh food with ingredients and cooking techniques from the Mediterranean and Asia.

Australia adopted its form of government from Britain. They have a parliamentary democracy but the power of their parliament is limited by their constitution. The Queen of England is also the Queen of Australia. But the Queen's authority is represented by the Governor General, whom she appoints. The current government is led by Prime Minister John Howard.

From the largest national park in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT), the Namadgi National Park, you'll be able to see most of the mountainous areas of the Brindabella Ranges. But about two hours from Canberra, you'll be able to see the highest peak in Australia, Mt Kosciuszko. at 7213 ft above sea level, the top is accessible to any reasonably fit person.

Some of the must-sees in Canberra:

* High Court of Australia - with three courtrooms and an impressive public hall, interpreting and upholding the Constitution is one of the important functions of the High Court.

* National Museum of Australia - a place to explore the stories of Australia, it uses state-of-the-art technology and hands-on interactive exhibitions. You can visit its website at

* Parliament House - marks the place where Australian law begins. Because it belongs to the people of Australia, it is open to the public seven days a week.

Information from Canberra Tourism


Around 4 o'clock this afternoon, the Final Four match-up between the Ateneo Blue Eagles and the Dela Salle Green Archers started. It started great actually, with a clean game of basketball. Well, 1:31 left of the game, a fight broke out between the two teams. I was so pissed!

This is the first time I wasn't proud of my college team. Btw, they lost, 72-76. And if they win Game 2 and play FEU in the finals, I really hope they lose coz they don't deserve to win.

This coming from me: Ateneo's biggest fan! Well, that's how I much I despised what they did earlier this afternoon. Geez.
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