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Friday, May 19, 2006
Reality TV Updates
Reality TV Updates


I. Elliott Yamin

I think it's no secret that I am rooting for Elliott to win this year's American Idol. He's a nice guy, a soulful guy and a great singer. Elliott is an old-fashioned soul singer. The kind of singer that relies mostly on their great voices to capture an audience rather than their stage antics. And I think that's what he did. He performed and showed everyone he had a great voice and they should vote based on that. But I don't know. People now are more restless and it's gonna take a lot more than just a great voice to keep the attention of the people. Admittedly, this isn't his best week (it's still Elvis week) but he did do a good
job. But just good. Will it be enough to reach the finals?

"Open Arms" by Journey

When I found out Clive Davis chose this for him, I was very surprised. It's a good song but not something that commands attention with its overly simplistic melody. So I guess that's the challenge. Did he rise to the occasion? Not really. It was good, simple. But that was it. This was a far cry from last week's performance.

"What You Won't Do For Love" by Bobby Caldwell

Another cheesy song picked by Paula Abdul. It's like they're not giving Elliott a chance to shine here. It was okay. Best of all his performances last night but that really doesn't say much.

"I Believe To My Soul" by Ray Charles

It was a good song. Really fit him well. But very disjointed. It didn't connect well with the audience and Elliott didn't really grab their attention.

When it matters the most, Elliott didn't deliver. I love you, Elliott, but I don't think you're gonna make it to next week. Althouh I hope you will coz I'd love to see the soul brothers duke it out in the finals!

II. Katherine McPhee

"I Believe I Can Fly" by R. Kelly

Vocals, good. Performance, okay. Over-the-top, oh yeah. It would have been good if, like Randy said, she didn't go overboard with it. That's the problem with Kat, that's why I think she won't win, she worries too much about trying to impress everybody with her big voice that she just forgets to have fun. The pressure's on and she's feeling it and we're all feeling it.

"Somewhere Over The Rainbow"

Great performance from her. It even surpassed what I believe is her best performance Freedom (Think). Great. Just great.

"I've Got Nothin' But The Blues" by Ella Fitzgerald

Okay performance but boring. It felt bitin, like it ended before it even began for me.

III. Taylor Hicks

"Dancing in the Dark" by Bruce Springsteen

A Taylor Hicks of a song by The Boss, I can't wait! Or maybe I can. I agree with Simon, though, it was pale in comparison to the original. But c'mon, if we always thought that then nothing will be able to live up to it. As a Taylor Hicks performance, it was okay though. A bit flat but Taylor was just great. And what is up with dancing with Paula and then just leaving her? Did he forget? Or did she drive him away? Who knows?

"Try A Little Tenderness" by Otis Redding

For the Soul Patrol, he said. Soul Patrol, indeed, coz it was a very relaxed performance and so free of pressure. A performance that I welcome because it's all about having fun and just doing what he loves: performing.

"You Are So Beautiful" by Joe Cocker

The thing about Taylor is he's best seen AND heard and not just heard. I listened to the mp3 first and couldn't get into it. But when I watched his performance, I swear, I had tears in my eyes. It was just amazing. The original song is good but boring. And Taylor, he just brought in an amazing performance that just blew me away. It still surprises me how great it was. It was just so sincere and so full of emotions. I know I said that he had great performances before but he's not performed his best performance yet. Well this is it. This is his best performance so far. It's ironic how, as a performer, his greatest performance is when he sits still and just sings the song. But it is. With Taylor, it's all about the music and you feel it in this performance. And for this reason alone, as much as I love Elliott, I honestly believe that Taylor Hicks deserves it win it all in this year's American Idol. Because anything, otherwise, fails in comparison to him.

I'd like to say that Katherine will be gone after this. But after Elliott's lackluster performance, his voter fans will have to work twice as hard to vote for him. But it'll be great to see the soul brothers duke it out in the finals next week.

As for Taylor, it's a given. He'll advance to the finals and eventually win it all because he is just an amazing performer. Elliott and Katherine are nothing compared to him.



Even though I expect it, it still breaks my heart to see Elliott go. *sniff*
I look forward to hearing from him again and I look forward to buying his CD when it comes out.

As for next week, Kat has to work thrice, even four times, as hard to even try to match Taylor's performances. I think it's gonna be a dud, like Season 3. Just like Diana, I don't think Kat can match up to Taylor. I think we know who the winner is even before the show starts.


American Idol Season 5: Encores CD is coming out next week in the US. Songs included are as follows (in random order):

1. What About Love - Melissa McGhee
2. When I Fall In Love - Kevin Covais
3. Signed, Sealed, Delivered, I'm Yours - Lisa Tucker
4. I'm Every Woman - Mandisa
5. Superstition - Bucky Covington
6. Father Figure - Ace Young
7. Walkin' After Midnight - Kellie Pickler
8. Midnight Train To Georgia - Paris Bennett
9. Wanted (Dead or Alive) - Chris Daughtry
10. Moody's Mood For Love - Elliott Yamin
11. Freedom (Think) - Katherine McPhee
12. Takin' It To The Streets - Taylor Hicks

What do you think of the song selections? Are you satisfied with it? Or are you thinking of a different song for your Idol?



The hippies won! The hippies won! The hippies won! Yey!

The hippies won The Amazing Race 9! And the clincher? They won for their brains. Yeah!

The season finale started with three teams: BJ & Tyler, Eric & Jeremy and Ray & Yolanda (in that order).

Episode Highlights:
1. Jeremy complaining that the hippies are "playing dirty now" when Tyler tried to lie to him at the 3rd ride about the seeing the clue at the 2nd ride at Fujikyu Highlands. Yeah. And what do you call what you did when you cancelled the cabs of the other teams? Fair play? That's not dirty, Jeremy, that's calling it even.

2. FUJIKYU HIGHLANDS! Now I want to go to Japan more than ever just so I can ride all those rides!

3. The Capsule Hotel in Japan. Ray described it perfectly, "It's like a prison in here". Yup. A prison with a soft bed, pillows, blankets, AC, food and drinks at your disposal and a downtown location. Not bad. *wink*

4. Flights. Twice, all teams caught up with each other (first one at Taipei to Anchorage, the next one at Anchorage to Denver), giving everyone equal footing.

5. Kincaid Park Chalet, Anchorage, Alaska. The hippies passing by the snow shoes that they needed TWICE! The snow must have clouded their visions. Hehe.

6. The last Roadblock. And it all comes down to brains. The challenge was frustrating. Even I don't know all of the flags of all the countries they went to and I do think it's gonna take me awhile to compelete that task. I think it was just really bad luck for Eric & Jeremy. From coming in first or second in most of the legs in the race, and when it mattered the most, the number 2 was in their future. Too bad for them. But great for the hippies, coz they won! They won! Yey!

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