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Monday, January 10, 2005
My Top Favorite Albums
My Top Fifteen Albums Of All-Time (well of my CD list, at least)

In random order:

Riot On An Empty Street (Kings of Convenience)

I was so excited when I saw this at the local Tower Records store. Finally, after three years of waiting, I got hold of a Kings of Convenience CD. I could just listen to this over and over and over again. It takes getting used to though since their music is a bit slow. But it's such a refreshing change from all rap and hiphop and rock music that's coming out nowadays. Besides, you can't go wrong (well, most of the time) with Scandinavian music.

Come Away With Me (Norah Jones)

One of the best albums to come out in so long. Norah Jones is such an amazing musician. And her songs in this album are some of the most heartfelt songs to come out in a long time. This album put her on the music map and will probably stay there a long, long time.

Warm Strangers (Vienna Teng)

Vienna Teng was a surprise discovery. I was at Tower Records, looking for a "musician to discover". Her CD was so relaxing and so soothing. It makes me want to lie down on a bed of grass, close my eyes and absorb her music into my soul.

Bossa Carioca (Lisa Ono)

Lisa Ono makes me want to just dance the night away. Or at the least, bop my head and snap my fingers with the beat of her music. It doesn't matter if you can't understand what she's saying. More importantly, it's no longer about relating to the song but swaying to the song. It's really quite therapeutic.

Quiet Is The New Loud (Kings of Convenience)

One of my favorite songs, I Don't Know What I Can Save You From, Track 4 in this album, was the reason I fell in love with this group. This album gave me hope for the present music industry. That somewhere out there, someone is making an effort with their music.

Figure 8 (Elliott Smith)

Elliott Smith (R.I.P.) was, is, one of the greatest singer/songwriter out there. He writes and sings from the heart and you feel it everytime he performs. Amazing, really. Figure 8, in my opinion, is one of his best albums.

From A Basement On The Hill (Elliott Smith)

From A Basement On The Hill is Smith's very last album. The very album he was working on when he died. It's a weaker CD compared to Figure 8 but Smith, even in death, still doesn't disappoint. A must-have for any Elliott Smith fan.

Waiting For My Rocket To Come (Jason Mraz)

I thought John Mayer was the better singer. But Jason Mraz proved me wrong. He's a good writer and a great performer. His whole album tells us that living life shouldn't be hard, it should be fun!

Dear Catastrophe Waitress (Belle and Sebastian)

I love Brit music! And this is no exception! Dear Catastrophe Waitress is so different from popular music today. And it's so catchy! I just love listening to it and singing along to it.

All That You Can't Leave Behind (U2)

This album shows us why U2 is still in the music business, thirty years later. Great songs, great lyrics, great music, great performances. Can't ask for more.

The Soul Sessions (Joss Stone)

The 18-year-old soul singing sensation from England. When you hear this girl sing, you won't believe she's only a teenager. So powerful yet so raw. Amazing, amazing singer.

Twentysomething (Jamie Cullum)

Jazz has never sounded better until Jamie Cullum came. You will love everything about jazz once you listen to this.

In Time: Best of REM (REM)

R.E.M. has been around for so long. This collection of their greatest hits show us why and how.

Fallen (Evanescence)

One of the best rock bands to hit the 21st Century. Their haunting first single, Bring Me To Life, just describes the whole album perfectly. Its haunting, troubling but full of emotion.

The Piano Player (Maksim)

Never has a piano player been sexier. Maksim shows us that being a piano player shouldn't be stiff and so formal. The piano player can be edgy, emotional, charismatic and amazing. Maksim is always best experienced live.


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