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Tuesday, February 24, 2004
Top Ten Favorite Movies
Top Ten Favorite Movies

1. Sunset Boulevard

I first watched Sunset Boulevard on Broadway and fell in love with it. I was at Astroplus during the "Amazing DVD Sale" and got the 1950 movie DVD for only P550 ($10). I watched it when I got home and it is one of the best movies I have ever seen. Gloria Swanson was amazing as Norma Desmond. Billy Wilder is a genius. I want to tell everyone to watch it but I know this might not be everybody's bowl of rice but I suggest everyone still try it. It's still worth a shot.

2. An American in Paris

If Gene Kelly as Jerry Mulligan started talking to me like that, I'd fall in love with him in an instant. He has got to be one of the smoothest talkers. It is one of the most romantic movies I have ever seen. If you want to feel loved or just have a loving feeling after watching a movie, then watch this.

3. A Little Romance

Starring a 13-year-old Diane Lane, Thelonius Bernard and Sir Laurence Olivier, it's a movie about puppy love that turned into love-against-all-odds. It was a very sweet movie and will make a person giddy over love again and want to experience that innocent love.

4. Bayaning Third World

Mike de Leon supposedly made this movie as a protest to all the garbage that was being made. One of the funniest and sarcastic Filipino movies made since Kakabakaba ka ba?, which incidentally was also directed by Mike de Leon. Every filmmaker should watch and learn from this.

5. Todo Sobre Mi Madre

I watched this in class in 2000 and have been obssessing about it ever since. I was able to get a DVD copy 3 years later and my obssession has not yet stopped. Pedro Almodovar became my idol when I watched this. This is one of the genuinely sincere and true movies I've ever seen. It is eccentric yet normal. It is excessive yet simple. Almodovar once said "In fact _I_ am behind everything that happens and that is said, but I am never talking about myself in first person singular" and that's what makes this movie so great. Because he "exposed" himself yet remain hidden, something that I myself have also been doing. Almodovar tugs at your heart by showing you the obvious. His simplicity will just blow you away.

6. Bacheha-Ye aseman

An Iranian film that displays a boy's love for his sister. Nothing beats portraying innocence than having two kids play it for you. The two kids' acting were so genuine, I wanted to grab them and take care of them. It was an amazing movie in all aspects. If you get hold of this movie, don't let go.

7. Ang Tanging Ina

One of the genuinely funny movies I've seen in a long time. The whole time I was watching this, I was laughing my butt off! But if you haven't watched the movies they're "poking fun at", I don't think you'll laugh as much.

8. Lord of the Rings

A lot of people think this movie is overrated but I think it is a cinematic genius. I always thought Peter Jackson was just an eccentric. But he proved me wrong when he did this.

9. Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

I love the book by Roald Dahl and I love the movie just as well! It's inspired me to want to put up my own chocolate factory just like his. A movie that every kid or kid-at-heart will enjoy.

10. Gladiator

Ridley Scott is an amazing director. And Russell Crowe and Joaquin Phoenix gave great performances. If you like Russell Crowe or Ridley Scott or just epic movies, then pick up a copy of this movie. It'll be money well spent.



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