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Sunday, August 10, 2003
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Got this from Steph. Very interesting. Apparently, you can "find out" what your ideal job is based on your name.

Let's see. If I use:

*Jaclyn Ann - I'm a Car Thief
*Jaclyn - Urologist
*Jac - Astrologist
*Jack - Funeral Director
*Jaq - Poet
*Jackie - Layabout
*Jacquie - Pole Dancer
*Jax - Champion Ping Pong Player
*Jackalope - Bodyguard
*Jackloyd - Serial Pop Idol Contestant
*Jacq - Lion Tamer

Very diverse. Glad to know that if one job doesn't work out, I'll have other jobs to, um, "fall back on". Funnily enough, my dream job (documentary filmmaker, bookshop owner, film distributor, writer and mom) never came up.


Last night, I went online to look for schools that I can apply to in the United Kingdom. Sadly, I did not find any schools with a film program in Scotland, particularly Edinburgh. I didn't find any in Wales, too. A lot of the schools I found were either in London, Nottingham, Warwick, Leeds and other places in England. But I still don't know if I'm really going to study in the UK. Last night, I looked for film schools and search using UK Yahoo and I found film schools in Belgium, Prague, Spain, Paris, Italy, Singapore and even Argentina and Egypt! Too bad, I'm going to have to use another language other than English if I want to study there. And that's something I'm confident I might not be able to do in time. Hay naku. Ewan.

I plan to go to the British Council office next week and do some more research there since they probably have more information in studying at the UK there. At least, my unanswered questions will be answered there.


In other news, my Ateneo Blue Eagles won against the De La Salle Green Archers yesterday at the Araneta Coliseum, 82-68. IMO, though, as early as the second quarter, the Eagles had the game already. It's not because I'm rooting for them. It's because I thought this was one of the sloppiest games played by the Green Archers in years. It's almost similar to their August 2 game against the NU Bulldogs. Good thing the Blue Eagles won, though.

The 1st round of the UAAP men's basketball will officially end after the UE-UST game at 4p today. I can't wait for the 2nd round! Ateneo has been on a 5-game winning streak and I hope their winning attitude and confidence can last until the finals once again and, hopefully, win the crown again.


We argued about this a couple of years ago and, until now, we still do't have an answer. Well let me ask you this then:

Who, in your opinion, became more famous: Menudo or New Kids on the Block?

I still think it's the New Kids. What do you guys think?


Earlier this week, I started reading the Bible as my official prayer time. But sadly, I haven't been able to keep up with it because of the work I have to do. I know it's not an excuse. But I haven't forgotten You, Lord. I'm just overwhelmed with all the work that I'm doing right now and I'm finding it hard to manage my time (which I used to be an expert of) that's why I try to talk to you at night before I go to sleep for awhile. You're still in my priority list, Lord, and You'll never be bumped off that list. I just have to relearn time management once again. And when I can do, I can spend more than a few minutes with you.


I went to Powerbooks Megamall yesterday and I was like a five-year-old in a candy store. The whole store was on sale! Every single book was on sale. I was hopping from section to section looking at all the books that interest me and, well, I couldn't decided. Finally, I settled on getting two books: Idiot's Guide to Starting your own Business (20% off) and Jesus CEO (30% off). So now I have 5 books to read. I wonder how I'll manage.


By the way, we still need help with the survey. If you have time, please go here to view the survey and please send your reply to my email. Thanks a lot!


By the way, my latest essay is now online at Check it out!
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