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Saturday, November 22, 2003
is it fair?
I am so frustrated. Yesterday afternoon, I went to SM Megamall because Mandy Moore was scheduled to make an appearance at the Mega Trade Hall at 5p. My sister and I got there at around 3:30p and saw a stage set up at Building A. Figuring that the organizers moved the event from Mega Trade Hall to Building A and believing it was to start at 5p, we did some shopping first. We spent a lot of time in Powerbooks (as usual) and, to my dismay, none of the books I was looking for was there, except for 30-Minute Meals 2 by Rachael Ray. But since I didn't have enough money and it looked like the last copy there, we left it on the bookshelf with a heavy heart.

But anyway, we left the bookstore a little after 4 and went to National Bookstore to look for more books (none still). It was already close a little after 4:30p at that time but since we couldn't hear anything from the stage, we decided to get some snacks: hotdogs from Sabrett (yummy!) and coffee at Saint Cinnamon. We left around 5p and went to the stage at the middle of Building B. There was a TV screen mounted at one side of the stage where we saw Mandy signing autographs. We kept circling the stage and crowd gathered around it, looking for Mandy and the line for the autograph signing. We couldn't find it and then I realized it must really have been set up at the Megatrade Hall. The event ended at around 5:30p and we hurried to the other building in the hopes that we'll still be able to see Mandy Moore there. I was surprised at our abilities to walk that fast. We were so determined to see Mandy Moore up close! When we got there, that's where my frustration set in. There was a small poster that said the event was moved to Cinema 3! At Building A! Where we originally were!

Like Superman, we hurried and tried to make it to Cinema 3 as fast as possible! When we got there, we saw the electronic billboard that indicated the Mandy Moore event was going to be there and that it started at 4p! What?! At that point, it was already 5:55p and we were determined to see her so we stood our ground. One guard there was a bit amused because there were a lot of us waiting outside and he kept telling us, "Mandy Moore is no more!". He cracked us up but we refused to believe him! We stood our ground and watched the models, Penshoppe staff, hosts and others left Cinema 3 but no sign of Mandy Moore. We finally gave up when they removed the red carpet and closed the doors of Cinema 3. By then, it was already 6:30p. Disappointed, we left and tried to make ourselves feel better by going to Astroplus. Well, I ended up buying 3 VCDs. Hay, Oh well. Til next time.


I was able to watch Scary Movie 3 last week after constantly seeing the trailer. It was a stupid movie but it cracked me up! Anna Faris was just funny! Their, um, "tribute" to so many movies was just so hilarious.

Although there were two things that really irked me. One, the reference to news regarding priests and child molestation, when a priest came to babysit Cody and he had a wine and lit two candles. I truly did not appreciate that and could not find the humor in it. I mean, yes there were reports about priests molesting young people but not every priest is guilty of that. I know a lot of priests and they are devoted to their faith and their mission and this is just an insult to them.

Two, Mother Teresa. Mother Teresa never did anything to deserve what they did. She was a good person who had a good heart and cared for everyone. That was very unfair what they did.

But without these, it's still a stupid, funny movie. Watch it at your own risk. But if you can, just wait for the video. Or watch it at a cheap cinema.
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