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Wednesday, April 09, 2003
I'm reading this thread where people discussing what a guy would do if a girl raped him. Would they make a big deal out of it or not? Here are some of their answers:

*"I don't think so kasi wala namang nawawala sa lalaki. Pero siguro papalag nga siya kung lalaki rin ang manggagahasa sa kanya!"
*"lam nyo ba, just saw in i-witness that there really is such a thing as male rape. mas masakit pa daw yon for them coz they have to deal with the shame, na they're supposed to be macho and all. some guys interviewed even cried. i think much of this circumstances happen in pre-teen guys. women fondle with the guy's organs, tapos they force the guys to touch them."
*"I think it would be a big deal if the act is done forcibly or against the will of the guy! Well, a girl raping a guy is rare compared to a guy raping a girl but it is still a possibility!"
*"It's about time women bring men to their knees!! I'd like to see men to be so demoralized, to be weeping their a$$es off in court proclaiming innocence and to be portrayed in badly-produced rape movies. If ever that does happen sometime in this millenium, I'll go to the premier."
*"Baket, ang babae ba pag ni-rape iniisip pa niya kung gwapo o macho yung nang-rape sa kanya? Aba! Eh kung ganon din lang, magpa-bayad na lang sya, kikita pa sya noh! At ang mga lalake ba, ganon talaga kababaw at ka-manyakis para isipin pa kung ok lang sa kanila na i-rape sila ng babae? I don't think there is such thing as a "worthy" candidate for (committing) male rape, or any kind of rape for that matter. Rape is still rape, it's a violation of your right not to be touched. Sabi nga sa pelikulang Disclosure, "it's not about sex, it's about power." Kahit sexual harrassment ang issue dun, in effect, it's still about forcing yourself on someone else and violating their right and choice. Meanwhile, syempre pag pumayag yung guy o hindi nanlaban, eh di hindi na rape yon."

Interesting answers. But I do agree. Guys still have rights and as long as there's no consent, it's still rape. But it's gonna be hard as hell to prove that guys were indeed raped.

Went to the gym today. Haay. Felt so good. It would have been better if I was able to spend some time in the steam room but there were a lot of people there. And I don't like being cooped up in a steam room full of people. I mean, I like the quietness of the steam room and I get to think about a lot of things when I'm there. But when a lot of people are talking about different things all at the same time, it kind of breaks your concentration and you just want to get out of that atmosphere. Kaya mas matagal na lang ako minsan sa shower mismo. At least dun, mag-isa pa ako.

Watching the Norah Jones Live in New Orleans DVD now. I just love how that girl sings! She's just so talented, you know. And she just turned 24 last March 30! I mean, damn! She hasn't turned 24 and she already has a great album that everyone who's bought it loves and she's won five Grammy awards for the same album! And they're paying her like $50K for her shows! Damn, man. She's just so talented.

Went to Bibliarch awhile ago to check out their book selections. There are still so many books to buy. Marian Keyes books are available there. There's also Diary of Mad Bride (which I can also get at Powerbooks so nevermind). There's The Hours by Michael Cunningham, Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold. My list of books to buy is just so long. It's not like we have a public library where I can borrow all of these books. I just wish we had a public library where I can borrow all of these books. Maybe I should have that as one of my long-term goals. Hmm... Opening not just a bookstore but a a place where people can rent it. Hmmm...pwede.

Texted the other people na pala if they wanted to go for dinner on Monday. Turns out John, Paul, Mel, Billie and Shaps all can't go. Sayang naman. I so wanted to see them eh. I haven't seen Paul and John since Game 3. I haven't Billie and Shaps since Chamber of Secrets. And I haven't seen Mel since we graduated. But it turns out Pat, Den and Allan can go. So that's going to be Liz, Lyn, Ekay, Den, Allan, Pat and probably me din. Dinner at the Podium. How much will that cost me kaya?

Norah Jones is singing Bessie Smith now!

The other schools haven't responded pa rin if I got in to their school or not.

Reading at again. I just can't seem to write complete essay nowadays. Forget about poems and short stories. I've forgotten how to write stuff like that already. But it's nice to be back. Think I'll just be reviewing a lot for now.
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